The best game for Symbian phone

Dirt Bike Africa mobile gamePeople have been searching for a perfect game for their symbian phone. Well, the game is adorable. Dirt Bike Africa is a motor bike game that ride on Africa. When playing the game you will see interesting thing by the side o the road which indicates that it is in Africa.

How to play this game

Dirt Bike Africa is a game of fun. When you open the game, you either enable sound or not. After that, you click on start game. Now in this start game, you select any color of bike you would like to use. You then select either practice or race. In the practice you would ride freely in other for you to know everything about the game. In the race you will ride with other players. This time around you have to hold 5 in other for your bike to move faster. If you stop; your bike will be slow until it stops.

There are skills uses in playing this game. When moving you will find a loop of soil to climb. When you climb it, there are keys you will press that will increase your point and make you faster. The first key is 1; which is use for making lazy boy. The second key is 2; that is use for cliff hanger. The third one is key 3; which is use for squat turn. The next one is key 7; use for hand free. Notice that there is no key 4, 5, and 6. Key 8 is use for superman. This means that your hands will be like superman. Press key 9 for crouch. The last key is key 0 which is use for rotating in the air. You should only turn two times so that you will not have an accident. You can submit your scores in the internet for people to see whether you lost or you won the racing. This game is nice because you are playing it in Africa and it has beautiful skills.

Since most Symbian games are outdated, you might see most of them as not interesting as playing on android. Even, people prefer to stick with popular ones like Roblox and use a good robux generator for all players. Although, it is somewhat good to still remember the game I use to play on that particular device. It can be found on some top download sites without restrictions.

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